Happy student of our music school near Minneapolis, MN
One of the top 5 places for music instruction in the Twin Cities, according to CBS local.

The Saint Paul Conservatory of Music is a music-making community, offering high quality music education to all segments of society. Here the aspirations of students of all ages and abilities are met with a commitment to excellence through creative expression, disciplined training, and performance opportunities. Thus our motto is "Enriching lives through the joy of music."

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Some photos from last week's Music for All Benefit Luncheon ...

A huge thank you to everyone that made our Music for All benefit luncheon yesterday so wonderful–from all the efforts in preparing, to the performers and speakers who made it so inspirational, to the attendees and their generosity who made it so successful.
If you weren't able to attend, you can always make a donation to fund our outreach efforts online: www.thespcm.org/about-us/support-the-spcm/

Don't miss the first of our 2017-2018 Coffee Concerts on November 1! ...

The musicians for our November 1 Coffee Concert: Ora Itkin on piano and Stephanie Arado on violin.

Wow! Can this help anyone out? ...

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Free parking is available one block away from the Conservatory at the Ramsey County Public Health Lot between Wabasha and Cedar St on 10th St on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after 4:30 pm and all day Saturday.

Metered parking is available on Exchange St, 10th St, Wabasha St and other nearby streets as available. Meters are enforced Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Meter parking rates decrease after 6 p.m.

New multi-space meter pay stations have replaced many of the existing downtown parking meters. These meters take quarters, dollar coins or credit or debit cards.

Parking is available in the 7th Street Ramp —entrances to this ramp are located on both Cedar and Wabasha. Parking is also available in the Gallery Ramp on Exchange Street between St. Peter and Wabasha Streets.  Access our updated online map and printable parking guide to check on the latest parking ramp changes and rate adjustments. Our online map and downloadable PDF include special information such as ramp closures and changes due to construction.