Cléa Galhano, Executive Artistic Director •

Saint Paul Conservatory of Music is a non-profit community music school that provides people of all ages the opportunity to enrich their lives with the joy of music. We don’t merely teach music-we build community through sharing the playfulness, artistry and beauty that it brings to our lives.
Join our musical journey. Add new meaning to your life.

Laura Nortwen, Administrative Director


In addition to her administrative work, Ms. Nortwen is a professional oboist and instructor of 

oboeperformance.  She is committed to playing a part in the Conservatory’s growth, because she knows it is a rich environment where people of all ages and backgrounds can study music, grow through accomplishment, experience camaraderie, and have a positive impact on the larger community.  As an oboist, she loves most classical music and also enjoys older jazz, folk/rock, bluegrass and some world music.  She advises anyone not familiar with Mari Boine, a singer from northern Norway, to check her out.

Elaine Evans, Administration Associate •

Ms. Evans is presently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota in the field of entomology.  Notwithstanding the demands of such rigorous academic pursuits, she continues to assist the Conservatory with graphic design and electronic communications because she sees music as one of the most important things in life and wants to support an organization that brings music to so many people who might not otherwise be touched by it.  Although having grown up playing violin, her current direction is toward improvisations with pocket trumpet, violin, and loop pedal.  She is also a founding member of International Novelty Gamelan, a group for which she composes as well as performs.