Fantastic place. Top notch musicians and educators.


This year his math grade went from C to A. I believe that had a lot to do with coming to the Conservatory.
-Mother of 15 year old guitar student

Music is a core element of my identity, as essential to my greater well-being as the health of my vital organs.
-Adult recorder student

I look at the Saint Paul Conservatory of Music as an investment in my sons’ lives. They have always been passionate about music. I look at this as the beginning of years of instruction and not just one session!
-Mother of 5 year old students

My son has really grown greatly as he has played violin. He has grown in confidence, concentration, musically and so many other ways.
-Mother of 8 year old violin student

On SPCM piano teacher Elena Piastro: “Elena introduced me to being musical and to learn to love it and not just play the notes on the page,” said Megan Rose Conley.

Our children and ourselves consider the musical education they have been receiving from SPCM to be a very positive and influential educational experience that we take seriously.

When I asked my son tonight at dinner why he was so quiet, he responded,”Well, I’m kind of sad. There’s no music camp tomorrow. Man, I love that camp!”  Thanks for providing another fantastic experience!
-Mother of  veteran summer camper

We’ve been SPCM Coffee Concert enthusiasts for years. The programming every season has been exciting and delightful, introducing us to talented, unfamiliar artists and fresh, unexpected music. SPCM is a treasure in the community, and a godsend to brighten our long dark winters!
-the Front Row Gang…Jack and Barb Maloney

The SPCM fall group recital. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this place, their instructors and the community of students and families. Today’s concert was lovely and not just because of the “aw cute” factor. These musicians share their talent from the heart. Very grateful.
SPCM Suzuki String Parent

My son takes Suzuki guitar lessons with Jay, who is so wonderful with him.  At age 6, my son is fine tuning his listening and focusing skills. Plus in school he is learning to read, write, and do math which he did not have when the started this program.  Jay finds ways to engage him and he is very patient with him.  My son is in kindergarten and he played guitar at a cultural fair for his school in front of many people with a lot of confidence.  I thank your program for that.
-SPCM Suzuki Guitar Parent

As a parent of a 5 year old who was looking to incorporate music into his education, I was elated to find a suzuki guitar program at SPCM.  I chose guitar for my son because it is an instrument that transcends economic, social and cultural boundaries.  I wanted to provide to my son a diplomatic skill and an artistic outlet that he will forever be able to call upon.  Jay Hildebrand is our guitar instructor and he brings talent, patience and a persistent passion to play the guitar with excellence.  And because of the high standard he set for my son, without fear at age 6 he has already performed in front of a large audience with confidence.
-SPCM Suzuki Guitar Parent

How lucky that we found the SPCM! …The instructors amazingly match high standards and excellence with great enthusiasm and care for these young children. By coaching me, as a parent, to be a good practice partner for my child, I have shared hours and hours of work and effort with my child…On the outside, my daughter’s grown from a darling three year old with a pretend Kleenex-box violin to a tall seven year old who relishes the fast, tricky songs in mid-Book 2.  On the inside, she’s become someone who cares surprisingly deeply about music.

-Parent of seven year old Suzuki violin student


We are so happy to have found SPCM. It feels like yesterday when our 5-year-old daughter was learning to chin down that dummy violin, made out of a Kleenex box and ruler. Today she plays with an orchestra and practices everyday because she wants to. What she is learning is so much more than just playing a fiddle. She learns the value of hard work and when you put your heart and soul into something that means a lot to you, you can make anything ordinary to beautiful. Like music. A big shout out to the Suzuki program at SPCM. Amazing director and teachers.

-Parent of nine year old Suzuki violin student