Early Childhood

Early Childhood Music near Woodbury & Eagan, MN


The Conservatory Early Childhood Music Program is a sequential continuum of classes that allow each young child to develop at his or her own pace. Child-centered and based on active involvement in making and responding to music, progression through classes is determined by the child. Classes are designed to be repeated in order to reinforce musical concepts in the context of new songs, improvisations, and activities that offer challenge and variety. Group class registration occurs at the beginning of each semester via this website or by calling us at 651-224-2205.

Meet the faculty that will help to shape your child’s musical skills.

EARLY YEARS- (child with caregiver)


baby2Join the fun with your child in musical play and exploration activities: singing, dancing, playing simple instruments. Your child will discover musical concepts with supportive adult models in a relaxed, playful environment. Let your child engage in musical activity for the first time

Ages: 18 -36 months
Instructor: Kora Boisvert

15 sessions/45 minutes. Class Limit: 8

Tuition: $185.00
Starting Date:

MUSICAL FOOTPRINTS (child independent)


DSC_0157The fundamentals of basic musicianship develop naturally in the context of songs, rhymes,  improvisation, and movement exploration. Your child will develop confidence, music skills, and familiarity with music symbols.

Ages: 3 - 4 years
Instructor: Kora Boisvert
15 sessions/45 minutes. Class Limit: 8

Tuition: $185.00
Starting Date:

MUSICAL EXPLORERS (Child with or without caregiver)


In this multiple-age class, we will explore musical movement and instruments in large and small groups. Musical Explorers is perfect for siblings as well as children who need a little more time with their caregiver. Come prepared to dance, twist, play and sing!

Ages: 3 to 6 years
Instructor: Kora Boisvert
15 sessions/ 45 minutes   Class limit: 8 

Tuition: $185.00
Starting Date:

PIANO EXPLORERS (Child independent)


Explorers will learn to use beginning musical concepts in small groups of 3 children. Music reading, active listening, finger technique, expressive playing, improvising, solo & ensemble pieces, and informal performances are featured in this active class.  A piano for at-home practice is required.

Ages: 6 to 8
Instructor:  Betsy Keno
15 sessions/ 50 minutes
PREREQUISITE: Intro to Keyboard or other similar introductory music class. 

Tuition: $200.00
Starting Date:

MEET THE INSTRUMENTS (Child independent class)

stringed-musical-instrumentLOOK FOR THIS CLASS TO RETURN IN FALL 2014

Our Meet the Instruments class lets your child see and hear different musical instruments such as violin, piano, guitar, and more. Demonstrations and hands-on exploration will complement reinforcement of musical concepts through singing, movement, listening, and playing.


Wednesdays at 5:15 pm
Ages: 4 and up
Instructor: Jean Allison Olson
15 sessions/ 45 minutes

Tuition: $185.00
Starting Date:

TAKE FIVE (child with caregiver)

orfThe focus of this class is children’s joyful exploration of different instruments including piano, guitar, Orff instruments, world drums, Celtic harp, handheld percussion instruments, and Tibetan singing bowls. Children learn about tone production, playing techniques, and being in a class with others who wish to explore a variety of instruments.  Notational symbol identification, rhythm sightreading, improvisation, singing, and movement are taught as a catalyst for more formal music study in the future.

Ages: 4 - 6 years
Instructor: Sandy Waterman
6 weeks/45 minutes. Class limit: 8

Tuition: $65.00
Starting Date: Sat, Jun 14,
Start Time:11:00 am
End Time: 11:45 am

INTRO TO THE KEYBOARD (Child with caregiver)

Little girl playing pianoIntro to the Keyboard prepares a child for a lifetime of piano study incorporating distinct yet closely related concepts fundamental to musicianship. Children will learn music basics through movement and singing, building good piano technique, early note-reading skills, and exposure to piano repertoire through active listening and introductory keyboard experiences.

Ages: Kindergarten to First Grade
Instructor:  Sandy Waterman
6 sessions/ 45 minutes   Class limit: 8 

Tuition: $65.00
Starting Date: Sat, Jun 14,
Start Time:10:15 am
End Time: 11:00 am

MULTI-AGE MUSIC (with or without caregiver)

General music, singing, and instruments for a multi-age group.

Instructor: Sandy Waterman
Ages: Birth to 5 years
6 sessions/ 45 minutes


Tuition: $65.00
Starting Date: Sat, Jun 14,
Start Time:9:30 am
End Time: 10:15 am